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Monument FX often uses laser etching to engrave detailed portraits that are otherwise impossible to replicate on metal, wood and stone. View some of our examples of laser etching below and contact us to discuss your needs. Finished projects are only limited by your imagination — whether we collaborate with other FX divisions and create a custom memorial bench as shown above, engrave a small cremation marker for your beloved pet, honor loved ones with a custom wood urn box, or create a unique award for your employees.
Laser Etching is limited on stone monuments to black granite and marble as it does not otherwise create enough contrast to see its detail. Etching is available on coated metals and all types of wood. Just as with stone, some natural or stained wood tones offer more contrast with the etching. Light colored and tight/consistent grained woods make for the clearest portrait etchings.

Our laser etching services can be completed on items supplied by you or sourced by FX at your direction.
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