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Wooded cemetery with tall trees and a few dozen headstones in the grass. Sun shining toward the camera and thick woods in the distance.


Monument Types & Designs

At Monument FX we take great pride in creating beautiful memorials which are as unique as your loved one. Uprights, slanted, benches, flat, and some custom monuments are available in a variety of colors and sizes. If you don’t see what you’re looking for we also offer custom designed shapes and sizes. We can have the entire process done in as little as 2-3 weeks from our initial consultation. Read more about our process creating your custom monument.
Utilize our digital memorial idea book below if you and your loved ones prefer to browse ideas at your leisure anytime, without pressure and in the comfort of your own home. Out of town family members can easily stay involved with the selection process. We offer this service at no cost to you and it is available on desktop and mobile devices.
Flat Monuments
Flat monuments, or “grassers” as they are often called are markers installed level with the ground and viewed from above. Grassers are often chosen because of their affordability and can be mandated by some cemeteries. They are normally limited in size but can include basic information such as names, dates, a special quote or even etched/ceramic portraits. Because they are set flush, many of our families biggest concerns are no angle for the water to run off of the monuments and they are also harder to spot from a distance.
Slanted Monuments
Slant monuments, or "slanted memorials" are simply short grave marker tablets with a slanted face, and like upright tablets must sit on a foundation, usually with a granite base. A 2" flat area on the front of a slant monument is called "nosing", and can be polished or rock-pitched. A slant monument with no nosing is called a "full-face" slant. Full-faced slanted memorials are placed on a granite base in the cemetery, while slant monuments with nosing may be placed directly onto a foundation. This type of memorial is excellent for custom engraving and personalization.
Upright Monuments
Upright monuments are the traditional type of marker found in most cemeteries. Uprights can be formed in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be engraved with virtually any image which properly eulogizes your loved one. Uprights can be wide and short, narrow and tall, rectangular with a curve at the top, or round shaped. Upright monuments can commemorate one or more people or even a family and are an impressive sight in any cemetery.
Bench Monuments
Bench monuments offer an inviting means of memorializing an event, place or a loved one. One can sit in relative comfort while reminiscing and appreciating. Benches are typically made of handcrafted stone or concrete, with recognition aesthetically engraved on the side or bottom of the bench. Benches can be a wonderful addition in cemeteries where space allows and are appropriate at memorial sites, parks and areas of nature. Bench monuments are an excellent way to pay tribute to those who have made contributions to the community, to designate a loved one’s favorite place, or to honor military veterans.
Granite Colors
Granite comes in every color imaginable, and every monument is unique. However, because of economics and availability, most monuments are seen in various shades of gray, tan, red, or black. Granite can be solid colored or with a marble pattern. Black granite is a popular choice if you would like to add a laser etching. However these do take more care and upkeep to keep them looking good as they can develop hard water spots on them – common with Southern Utah water. We do offer products to help clean monuments and keep them looking good year after year.
Below is a small sampling of common stone to choose from. As these are natural products, consistency of appearance can vary and availability is not a guarantee, so please contact us to discuss your preferences.

Sierra White


Sunsest Red


Mesabi Black Select

Bahama Blue



Georgia Gray

Cat's Eye

Forest Green


Morning Rose

India Black

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